valbasement (valbasement) wrote in pop__art,

need some help...about andy warhol's party book

hello everyone. i need to find out this paragraph is from which page:

"Sex and parties are the two things that you still have to actually be there for – things that involve you and other people. For sex and parties, you still have to physically bring your lump of protoplasm and get it close to somebody else’s. To carry on friendships or to cash checks or buy clothes, you can just make a phone call or send a computer message. To give court testimony or look for a date or read your own will after you’re dead, you can send a videotape. To impregnate somebody and reproduce yourself, you can just send sperm. You don’t even have to be there to fight a war – you just send a bomb.”

does anyone have this book and would like to check this for me?

thank you so much . i will send you a hand- made postcard as a small gift! 
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