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need some help...about andy warhol's party book [Aug 20 2008 + 10:44 AM]

hello everyone. i need to find out this paragraph is from which page:

"Sex and parties are the two things that you still have to actually be there for – things that involve you and other people. For sex and parties, you still have to physically bring your lump of protoplasm and get it close to somebody else’s. To carry on friendships or to cash checks or buy clothes, you can just make a phone call or send a computer message. To give court testimony or look for a date or read your own will after you’re dead, you can send a videotape. To impregnate somebody and reproduce yourself, you can just send sperm. You don’t even have to be there to fight a war – you just send a bomb.”

does anyone have this book and would like to check this for me?

thank you so much . i will send you a hand- made postcard as a small gift! 

Julie Borden [Sep 21 2006 + 11:54 PM]

It's my favourite of late.
Whimsical, colorful pop art from Pop-Art painter and furniture designer.
Ceramics, paintings and sculptures.

Julie Borden

[Jun 02 2006 + 6:40 PM]


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
self portrait
inspired by daivd hockney

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
inspired by barry mcgee
acrylic on cardboard
3ft 10in x 3ft 2in

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a questionnaire about Pop art [Apr 15 2006 + 10:28 AM]

Hello here’s a questionnaire about Pop art, no matter you like it or not, I hope you have time to share your opinions with me!!! Thanks a lot?


1.What’s your impression of Pop art?
2.Do you like Pop art or not? Why?
3.Do you think Pop art is influential?
4.Can Pop art inspire you to think about many other things when you’re looking at those works? If pop art do inspire you, can you tell me what inspirations it provide?
5.Do you think you need literal descriptions of those pop art works(ex:artists’ statements) to help you understand them?

Cameleon [Mar 21 2006 + 1:15 AM]

Fake cut to popartsy portrait with tons of checkers

This painting killed my favourite 0/3 brush, so I better get a new one. I had an idea twirling around in my head, but as I don't trust my visual comunication skills, I'll write it out for you: The idea was that the someone is trying to fit in, but doesn't see that her disguise, - here marked as a checkered pattern, however very similar to the background is completely opposite to it. Like, where the backgound is white, she is black. That might be a bit unclear. It was fun to make either way.

[Nov 23 2005 + 11:53 PM]

acrylic on matte board.
Read more...Collapse )

<3 krys.
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[Nov 20 2005 + 1:27 PM]

hello I’m new! klick me.Collapse )
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[Nov 19 2005 + 11:50 PM]

i don't want to moderate this community anymore
who does?
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Brian Ewing [Nov 05 2005 + 11:12 PM]

i like this guys stuff, he does a lot of work with different bands, gig posters stuff like that. here's his site www.brian-ewing.com
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Deviously Deviant? [Oct 14 2005 + 5:01 PM]

any of you guys have accounts on deviantart?
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artsy fartsy [Sep 30 2005 + 12:48 PM]

my personal pop__artCollapse )
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My Warhol Collection [Sep 25 2005 + 11:51 PM]

bad camera phone qualityCollapse )

i'm neeww. [Sep 20 2005 + 11:36 AM]

hello. i'm Madeleine. & i wanted to share my love of pop-art.

THIS is a really cool website about Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe images. you can customize her yourself by changing her colors. & there are comments by the artist himself, too.
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Andy Warhol [Sep 11 2005 + 8:33 PM]

duh, andy is the pop art master.
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[Sep 09 2005 + 4:03 PM]

okay fuck this no one wants to join this community
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[Aug 31 2005 + 10:04 AM]

okay, i will post an artist i found recently.

donny miller

i absolutely love this guy. he is one of my new favorite artists. he seriously makes me laugh really hard. make sure to read his ENTIRE website. anyway, here's my favorite piece by him:

+++Collapse )

plus, i love his little thing on "how to become an artist".


check him out.
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[Aug 31 2005 + 9:45 AM]

someone talk about art.
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